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CHIPP, the Swiss Institute of Particle Physics
an Association according to Swiss Law



The CHIPP association units researchers active in particle, astroparticle and nuclear physics in Switzerland. The objectives of CHIPP are to coordinate and strengthen the Swiss participation in international projects and committees, coordinate research and teaching activities in Switzerland, and promote public awareness of the field.

This is achieved by keeping a continuous dialogue between the particle physicists of different cantonal universities and federal institutes. CHIPP is recognized as the representative of Swiss particle physics both nationally and internationally. It awards yearly a Prize to a PhD student, supports workshops and conferences, organizes PhD schools, and develops outreach projects.

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Latest News

  • Media news: T2K Press release: T2K presents hint of CP violation by neutrinos.
  • Media news: LHCb Press release: The LHCb experiment is charmed to announce observation of a new particle with two heavy quarks.

  • The final version of the APPEC Roadmap 2017-2026 is now available.

  • Opening of abstract submission (deadline 30 May) for the SPS TASK session at the joint SPS/ÖPG/CHIPP annual meeting.

  • In its session of 10 March 2017, the CHIPP Board has approved the Annual Report 2016 and the Annual Accounts 2016. It has also elected Aurelio Bay (EPFL) as a new CHIPP account auditor from June 2017 to June 2020, and has given full support to NuPECC towards its continued funding by SNSF.

  • The CHIPP Prize 2017 for the best PhD student in experimental or theoretical particle physics is open for applications, with a deadline on 3 May 2017.

  • CHIPP meetings in 2017 are set as follows (please book the dates in your diary):
    - The CHIPP Plenary 2017 is taking place from Tue. 22 to Fri. 25 August 2017 jointly with the Joint Annual Meeting of SPS and ÖPG in Geneva (CERN & CICG).
    - The two first CHIPP Board meetings in 2017 are set on Fri. 10 March (Bern) and on Mon. 21 August (Geneva).

  • At the start of 2017, Michele Weber (Uni BE) succeeds Teresa Montaruli (Uni GE) as Vice-Chair in the CHIPP Executive Board.

  • IPPOG established as a Collaboration with the signature on 19 December 2016 of the IPPOG MoU by CERN, marking the 10th Member signature.

  • Laura Baudis (UZH) speaks on Dark Matter at the TEDxCERN event 2016, see the news article.

  • Günther Dissertori (ETHZ) was appointed deputy spokesperson of the CMS collaboration, see the news article. Congratulations from CHIPP !

  • CHIPP, representing Switzerland, signed on 4 November 2016 the IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) Memorandum of Understanding and thus became a founding member of IPPOG. Read the latest IPPOG Newsletter (Nov. 2016).

  • Registrations are open until December 1st for the CHIPP PhD Winter School 2017 to be held in Sörenberg the week of 13-17 February 2017.

  • In its session of 14 October 2016, the CHIPP Board has approved the signature of the IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) Memorandum of Understanding by CHIPP, representing Switzerland. It has also approved the activities and the budget of 2017 and has re-elected Teresa Montaruli (Uni GE) for a 3rd term as Swiss scientific delegate at the APPEC General Assembly until Dec. 2018.

  • The Gender in Physics Day 2017 of the GENERA project are to be held in Geneva on 26 January 2017.