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The update of the Roadmap from 2004

In 2011, the existing Roadmap from 2004 (see below) has been completed by an implementation document. This update of the existing Roadmap takes into account the evolution in particle physics over the last five years, formulates clear recommendations for each section and contains choices regarding projects and activities supported.

Therefore, the update document “Achievements and Status of Particle Physics in Switzerland: Implementation of the Road Map (2005-2010) and Outlook” is not a stand-alone document but should always be read together with the Roadmap of 2004. Compared with the original text, some elements have been added whilst statements or perception of others have changed:

  • a section on theory is added;
  • the three priority research fields get more complete descriptions:
    - experiments at the frontier of high-energy Interactions between fundamental particles
    - experiments on neutrino physics: oscillations and the nature of neutrinos
    - experiments at the interface of particle physics with astrophysics and cosmology;
  • CERN’s coordinating role is clearly recognized;
  • accelerator research in Switzerland is aligned with CERN’s future projects and the CLIC project is preferred over other accelerator projects;
  • PSI as a national laboratory has received more emphasis;
  • outreach is expected to get a boost with the new AGORA programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation SNF.

The full update document can be downloaded here. CHIPP considers this update also as basis for the Swiss input to CERN’s European Strategy update and to the ApPEC roadmap.

The Roadmap in 2004

In 2004, a first CHIPP Roadmap was written. It included a complete survey of the field in Switzerland. It defined three priorities for the Swiss programme:

  • The high-energy frontier (LHC, ILC,...)
  • Neutrino masses and mixing
  • Astroparticle physics
  • It also defined a strategy and recommendations for the near and long-term future:
  • LHC and beyond
  • Neutrino programme
  • Astroparticle physics
  • Accelerator R&D
  • Education and Outreach

  • The full document can be downloaded here (11.1MB).




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